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پاورپوینت درس اول زبان انگلیسی پایه هشتم (My Nationality )

پاورپوینت درس اول زبان انگلیسی پایه هشتم (My Nationality )

                نوع فایل: power point فرمت فایل: ppt and pptx قابل ویرایش ۲۱ اسلاید   قسمتی از متن پاورپوینت:  My Nationality Lesson 1 Conversation Lesson 1:My Nationality Listen to the conversation. Shayan is introducing his cousin Sam to histeacher. Shayan: Mr. Chaychi, this is my cousin Sam. He speaks French, English, and a little Persian. Teacher: Oh, nice to meet you, Sam. Sam: Nice to meet you, too. Teacher: Are you from Iran? Sam: Yes, I’m originally Iranian, but I live in France. Teacher: Welcome to our class. How do you like it in Iran? Sam: Iran is great! I love it. It’s a beautiful country. Practice 1 : Talking about Nationalities (1) Listen to the examples. Then ask and answer with a friend. Are you from Iran? Are you from France? Is she/he from England? Is she/he from China? Are they from Spain? Are they from Brazil? Yes, I am. / Yes, we are. No, I’m not. / No, we’re not. Yes, she/he is. …

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